School Closings

School Closings - Winter Storm Conditions

The Superintendent, in consultation with the Director of Public Works, will make the decision to cancel school due to weather conditions. The decision to cancel will be made as early in the morning as feasible, but changing storm conditions may force a cancellation decision as late as 5:45 a.m.

"No School" announcements will be made through School Messenger via text, email and/or call as well as be carried on the following radio stations and communication centers:

York & York Beach Fire Departments notified

York Dispatch notified

WJBQ (97.9)

WCQL (95.3 FM)

WPOR (101.9 FM)

WMGX (93.1 FM)

WHEB (100.3 FM)

WWGT (97.9 FM)

WGAN (560 AM)

WOKQ (97.5 FM)

WYNZ (100.9 FM)

WMTW News 8 ( Includes Radio 870 AM / 106.7 FM, 1470 AM, 107.5, 96.9, 99.9)

WTSN (1270 AM)

WKZS (100 FM)

WBLM (102.9)

WCSH-TV Channel 6

WCLZ (98.9)

WHOM (94.9)

WGME-TV Channel 13

WCYY (93.9)

School Delays

Under certain storm conditions, the Superintendent may call a one or two hour delay in the start of school. In such instances, buses will make their normal pick-ups at the usual time plus one or two hours. The school day will end at the regular time.

In a delay situation, staff members are expected to report at the usual time, if possible.

Early Dismissals Due to Weather

A. Once students arrive at school on a stormy day every effort is made to avoid early dismissal because of the disruption that it causes.

B. Should schools close early, the Middle and High Schools will be closed first. The Elementary Schools will be closed following the Middle and High School runs. Bus drivers, radio stations, fire stations, and dispatch center will be notified.