Special Education Staff

The Special Education Department is located in the Superintendent's office at 469 U.S. Route One in York, Maine.

Erin Frazier, the Director of Special Education can be reached at this location. Each school's special education staff can be reached by contacting the school directly. If you have any questions or concerns regarding special education regulations, procedures or your child's specific needs please feel free to contact us.


Director of Special Education: Erin Frazier

Special Education Administrative Assistant: Joanne Kenney

IEP Coordinator: Erin Conway

Instructional Strategist: Joelle Coleman

School Psychologist: Erin Devlin

York High School


Michelle Figuera

Emily Hall

Alex Harder

Carmen Lauritsen-Keegan

Stuart Noiseux


Sally Brown-Occupational Therapist

Maxene Feintuch-Speech Pathologist

Ed Techs

Darlene Bando

Silke Burnell

Ted Hutch

Mary Mace

Luke Mackey

Robin MacLean

Kathy Moran

Margot Slusher

York Middle School

Special Education Teachers

Maureen Barr

Zack Daniels

Mary Fulmer

Aynsley Guertin

Lisl Stevens

Tiffany Tobey


Sally Brown-Occupational Therapist

Maxene Feintuch-Speech Pathologist

Ed Techs

Al Adams

Kathryn Beckwith

Andrew Berenson

Bethany Boucher

Andrea Brockelman

Mady Buckless

Sherri Chase

Beth King

Chad Kolod

Gail Merrill

Mary Beth Provencher

Pam Schneider

Karen Sullivan

Allison Zurlo

Coastal Ridge Elementary School

Special Education Teachers

Jody Donnelly

Caitlin Keating

Paige Marks

Christine Peskurich


Michael Aucoin, Speech Therapist

Sally Brown, Occupational Therapist

Ed Techs

Karan Bracy

Pat Foster

Pam Lamprey

Sue Potito

Cindy Raymond

Madelyn Rennie

Wendy Spencer

Sharon Trafton

Lori White

Village Elementary School

Special Education Teachers

Sarah Sanclemente

Mary Jo Thompson


Sally Brown, Occupational Therapist

Sarah Woodward, Speech Pathologist

Ed Techs

Laurie Chapman

Marie Enright

Lucy Kilgore

Jody Mackenzie

Pegi Orso

Joanne Reeve

Trish Stockless