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Horizons Program

A Design for Gifted and Talented Education

Using a Schoolwide Enrichment Model

Revised May 2009

Dr. Debra Dunn, Superintendent of Schools

Anita Bernhardt, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Principles for Differentiated Curriculum

The success of the Horizons Program in incorporating the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) rests on the ability of the York Public Schools to develop an instructional delivery system based on differentiation of instruction. The following list defines the characteristics of curriculum differentiation:

  • Present content relative to a broad-based issue, problem or theme
  • Integrate multiple disciplines into the area of study
  • Design comprehensive, related and mutually reinforcing experiences
  • Provide in-depth learning of a self-selected topic within an area of study
  • Develop students' independent or self-directed study skills
  • Develop students' abstract and higher level thinking skills such as application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation
  • Focus on open-ended tasks
  • Encourage the development of products that challenge existing ideas and produce new outlets
  • Encourage self-understanding
  • Evaluate outcomes through use of appropriate criteria for appraisal by the student, mentor and teacher.

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