CO Staff

Superintendent of Schools

Lou Goscinski

Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Anita Bernhardt

Director of Finance and Operations

James Amoroso

Director of Special Education

Erin Frazier

Director of Technology & Libraries

Eric Lawson

Director of Facilities

Zak Harding

Director of School Nutrition

Whitney Thornton

Director of Adult Education

Lisa Robertson

York Volunteer Program

Melanie Ladd

Assistant to the Superintendent

Sue Goodwin

Assistant to the Business Manager

TJ Ballew

Special Education IEP Coordinator

Erin Conway

Assistant to the Director of Special Education

Joanne Kenney

Database Manager

Lynne Moulton

Payroll Specialist

Caitlyn Ramsdell

Accounts Payable Specialist

Maryann Anderson

Accounts Payable and Revenue

Lisa Gallant

Benefits Specialist

Joanne Grieco

Food Services Secretary

Ann Marie Ackerley