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 How do I work with Microsoft Word documents using Pages?
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How do I use Pages with Microsoft Word documents?

“From Pages to Word and Back”

1. Teach your laptop to open ALL word processing documents it encounters in PAGES:

Start by opening your “Documents” folder.  RIGHT-click on a Word document and “Get Info”. If you don’t have a right mouse button, simply hold the Control Key and click. This is the same as a right-click.


Next scroll down to “Open With”. Use the drop-down menu to select Pages as the defualt application.  (If Pages does not appear in the Open With menu, click on “Other”....your “Applications” folder will open. Navigate to the iWork ’08 or ’09 folder, open it, and choose Pages.) Finally, click on the “Change Allbutton to change the opening application for all of your docs.

Close the Info window. All docs should now open in Pages.


2. Say you receive an email with an MS Word document attached and you have to ammend it and then send it back on to others as a Word document. Learn how to open that Word attachment, then SAVE & EXPORT Pages documents back out as Word documents!

Here’s an email with a Word attachment...


RIGHT-click on the attachment and “Open Selected”. The document should now open in Pages.


Make your changes to the new Pages document. SAVE the document (it will save only as Pages.). You are done here if you do not need to save it again as Word.

Finally, you need to EXPORT the document back out as Word if you are sending it to people who use Word:
On the Pages menu, choose “FILE” - “EXPORT”. An export window will open.


Choose “Word” and then hit the NEXT button.

You will be prompted to give the document a name and save location. This will save it as a Word document, complete with a .doc extention. (You can also export as a PDF document in this manner, making it even easier for your people to open and view from an email!)

You will need to navigate to this location when adding it back to an outgoing email as an attachment.


3. When in Doubt. Go Back to Basics!

When you are lost, the above tricks do not work, or you simply are in a hurry, launch Pages first.

Then, just like you always did in MS Word, go to “File” - “Open”,

Then select the document you wish to open.


Another option:
DRAG the Word document on top of the Pages icon on your dock. This will open the document in Pages.


All of this works exactly the same way with Excel/Numbers and Powerpoint/Keynote....give it a try!