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iPad Use and Expectations

We ask that students charge their iPads in a common place within their home each night. They do not need to bring their power plugs to school with them as the iPad has a 7 hour battery.

Updates to Apps and the iOS Operating System should be done at home. *Parents may want to check restrictions after any upgrade.

The iPad covers should be on at all times, and the iPads should be carried in the student cases when they are being transported.

School officials have the right to view any and all content on these devices. Make sure your child knows their passcode lock 4-digit code and their Apple ID password.

Parents do not share your Restrictions 4-digit passcode with your child.

Parent Tips

Make sure the iPad is stored in a common area of the house, both when your child is working on homework and when it is charging at night. This lets your child know you are interested in their work on these devices and also lets them know you are keeping tabs on them as well.

If you haven't yet set the restrictions code, you will want to look through the Parental Restrictions to oversee your child's iPad.

Resource: Parent's Guide to 21st Century Learning

5 Things to Randomly Check on your Child's iPad

1. Make Sure your Child is Signed into the iPad with their School ID - Click Settings and Check iCloud and iTunes & App Store to ensure they are signed in with their student ID; @yorkschools.org or @mlti.net (Note: personal Apple IDs can bypass some restrictions. Make sure they are currently signed in with the correct school ID. You can further restrict account changes in the restrictions area.)

2. Check the Apps your Child has Downloaded - Click on the App Store and then on Purchased at the bottom of the screen. This shows you the apps currently on the iPad (says open or update next to the app) and even the apps that are no longer on the device, but were installed at one time (cloud and downward arrow symbol).

3. Browse Internet History - Open up the Safari app and click on the little book icon. From here you can check the history. If the history is blank this should send a red flag as your child is hiding something.

4. Check email or Social Networks - Social networks are blocked within the York Middle School network, but that may not be the case at home or at another public place with free Wi-Fi (upstairs at the York Public Library is unfiltered). Email accounts at YMS are closed only to staff and students within the York School Department. Make sure your child isn't using these services with alternate accounts or abusing this privilege.

5. Pictures and Videos - Often if students run out of space on their device or backup storage it is because of the number of pictures/videos. Click on the Photos app to check what they have been snapping or filming lately. If anything is inappropriate have a talk with them regarding sharing of content and how this impacts their digital footprint.

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