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What's New In the School Cafe?
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What's New in the School Cafe?

Village Elementary & Coastal Ridge Elementary have been awarded the Healthier US Schools Challenge with the USDA. What does this mean? Our menus have been revised to include more fresh fruits and vegetables, more whole grains and beans. Vegetables include more dark green and orange varieties. Encourage your child to try these new healthier foods so that healthy eating will become a way of life. Less than 2% of schools across the country have attained this title.

IOM Ala Carte Choices
Our Ala Carte snack items have undergone an overhaul in the last few years to meet the Institute of Medicine’s standards for healthy food in schools. Every has a different idea of what is good for kids and what is considered empty calories, so we have gone to the experts and are working to get all our ala carte offerings to meet these standards. Items must meet the 35/10/35 guidelines, meaning the item can conain no more than 35% calories from fat, no more than 10% calories from saturated fa, and no more than 35% of calories from sugar. Elementary schools all meet the standards as of April 2011, YHS and YMS are working toward that goal.

More Fiber from Whole Grains & Beans, Less Fat
Students are being offered more whole grain bread products. We now offer whole grain white bread, so those students who don’t care for the taste of regular wheat bread can still get whole grains. Beans are available on salad bars daily, they are high in fiber and nutrients and are great on a salad. Pizza and breaded items are now chosen for their whole grain and or low fat content.

Local Fruits and Vegetables
We purchase as many local foods as possible. Although it is a short season, we are able to purchase many fresh produce items for several months and some things such as apples, all year long!

Maine Raised Ground Beef Patties
This year we are purchasing Maine Grown Beef Patties from a great farm in central Maine. The beef quality is lower in fat, fresher and promises to be safer for our students. We are thrilled with the quality and the opportunity to offer our students better beef! Our students think that the hamburgers are great!

Going Green
Although we loved having the plastic milk bottles at the Middle & High School level, we have returned to purchasing cartons to reduce the plastic waste. Plastic milk bottles are non-returnable as well as difficult to recycle.

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