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Maine Animals

  • Wildlife at Merrymeeting Bay
  • Maine Endangered Animals
  • Maine Mammals
  • Maine Wildlife Park
  • Cougars, Canadian Lynx, and Bobcats
  • Whales and other Sea Creatures
  • Gulf of Maine Research Institute
  • Swan Island
  • Harbor Seal
  • Animal Hotlist
  • Animal Search Site
    American Bittern Ermine Pine Martin
    Bald Eagle Fisher Porcupine
    Barn Owl Gray Wolf Raccoon
    Beaver Great Blue Heron Red Fox
    Black Bear Green-Winged Teal Red Squirrel
    Bobcat Grey Fox Red -Backed Vole
    Canada Goose House Sparrow Skunk
    Canadian Lynx Humpback Whale Snowshoe Hare
    Caribou Least Weasel Tree Swallow
    Chickadee Little Brown Bat Turkey Vulture
    Chipmunk Long Tailed Weasel White Footed Mouse
    Common Loon Meadow Mouse White Tailed Deer
    Cottontail Rabbit Moose Wood Duck
    Coyote Mountain Lion Woodchuck